Restaurant Career

I am a classically trained chef with a culinary arts degree and professional background in French and Italian fine dining. (Including Seattle kitchens such as Spinasse, Bastille and Manolin). My stations included: Planchette/Seafood, Wood Fired Grill, Saute, Pastiola, Entremet, Salad and some Pastry.

The common theme that I have followed since the beginning is ingredient driven, seasonal produce. With that commitment to quality naturally comes a commitment to refined cooking techniques, hence I’ve been cooking in fine dining restaurants for a decade.

My chef career was inspired by

Studying sustainablity and discovering the hidden bounty of local and seasonal produce available to us in the Pacific Northwest. To this day, high quality and seasonal ingredients continue to be my biggest source of inspiration.

My food is

Ingredient driven and highly seasonal with a focus on beautiful presentations and bold flavors. My specialties are Piedmontese style pasta, French cuisine, seafood and cooking over fire.

We are a female owned company committed to empowering and mentoring women.


Where will you travel to?

I have a wide radius of areas I will travel to between Los Angeles and San Diego counties. If you’re interested in working with me but aren’t sure I’m able to travel to your location, just get in touch. Any travel over 45 minutes one way will have a travel fee determined by the number of staff at your event. The travel fee will be a part of your initial estimate.

How does your pricing work?

I specialize in premium ingredients and refined cooking techniques. My prices reflect the cost of ingredients, plus the time it takes to cook everything, as well as travel time, planning and cleanup. These prices are for 3 courses with each additional course for $25/person.

  • Events for 2-4, contact for pricing and availability
  • Events for 5-20 start at $150/person
  • Events for 21-50 start at $130/person
  • Events for 51-100 start at $110/person
  • Appetizer only events start at $75/person

Can you work with dietary restrictions?

Yes. Whether you want the whole meal to be vegetarian or you have one guest that has a shellfish allergy, it can all be accommodated.

Can you cater my wedding?

Absolutely! Looking back on my wedding day I can see how important the food was to my guests enjoyment of their day. I want to help your wedding guests have a memorable experience. Schedule a quick call to chat about your ideas and I will put together an initial estimate. Events up to 100. 

What’s with the name Gold Dust Provisions?

Gold Dust is inspired from a Fleetwood Mac (My favorite band) song – Gold Dust Woman. Provisions means to provide food and other items that are needed, and that’s exactly what we do. I am bohemian at heart with a penchant for the finer things in life so it kind of represents it all. The crab in the logo is a nod to my astrological sign, Cancer as well as my love for the food.

Do you provide corporate catering?​

Yes. Since I cook in a commercial kitchen I am able to bring my creations to your next corporate event, up to 100 people.

What do you like to cook the most?

Anything dough related, think: gnocchi, pasta, dumplings, crackers, muffins.

Personal Chef
& Boutique Catering

In a nutshell, Personal Chefs purchase ingredients and prepare meals in their clients homes. My Personal Chef services are more extensive because I have a commercial kitchen where I begin cooking 1-2 days before your event. This affords me way more creative freedom by being able to utilize labor and time intensive cooking techniques. If I were to only cook in your kitchen, there wouldn’t be enough time to cook the kind of scratch, multi-course menu’s that I love to create. On the day of your event I show up anywhere from 2-3 hours before service and do all of the final cooking. 

What is a Boutique Caterer?

The term boutique is a nod to my fine dining menus offered for events of 100 people or less. This is perfect for small-medium sized weddings, rehearsal dinners or company parties where the client wants high quality food to really add to the whole event experience

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