Setting The Table

our inventory

Coupe style plates

10.5″, 7.75″, 6″

stoneware tasting bowl

7 oz

wide rimmed pasta bowl

11 oz

Blue stoneware plate


Modern Flatware

Stainless Steel

Gold napkin ring

Wire Wrapping

Prism universal wine glass

20 oz

Hourglass pilsner glass

10 oz

Wide water glass

16 oz

thermal carafe

51 oz

Multipurpose pitcher

6 oz

Cosmopolitan glass


paisley table linen


Thick disposable napkin

 Blue stripe

concrete card holders

buffet cards or place settings

Gray linen napkin

20″x20″ 50/50 cotton+linen

burnt orange linen napkin

20″x20″ Hemstitch

white linen napkin

 20″x20″ 100% cotton

souffle/sauce ramekin

4 oz

Sauce pourer

2 oz

black candle holder


blue candle holder

 Tea Light

Blue candle holder

Votive Candles

charcoal vase or candle holder


Frosted blue large vase


Renting with Us

Have enough glassware but need plates, got it!

Have enough place settings but want table decor, no problem!

Just don’t want to eat on the same plates you always do, we understand…


  • In addition to having our own inventory we are happy to source rentals from one of our preferred vendors and facilitate the process.
  • We don’t have a minimum order requirement – which translates to cost savings if you only need 18 glasses but a typical vendor case is for 24.
  • Every client who requests rentals will receive a style board with multiple options in different price points.

What Makes Us Different

we partner with every client in a spirit of collaboration and teamwork. 

we are passionate about highly creative, bespoke events in your theme.

Ready to get started?